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From the Board President Fall 2016

Letter from the President


Soon we will celebrate the ceremonial end of Summer 2016. The adrenalin rush from the Summer Olympics will be replaced by getting the kids off for the first day of school. Older kids are at college. As fall approaches, our focus also turns back to enhancing our professional status, improving our skills, developing business, and, hopefully making a difference in the world. Looking back over the year, a father contacted me to see if the Chapter would be able to organize a day for his son to shadow an energy professional. The teen was a high school junior with an interest in an energy profession. We had two Chapter members step up to offer a broad scope of available energy related jobs. At the transition point in the day, we sat down with the student and his father to reflect on the morning and look ahead to the afternoon. We got to know the student and his father better over lunch. I believe that the young person’s eyes were opened to a panorama of opportunity that he never knew existed. I don’t know if any of us feels as though we changed the world that day or even a young person’s perspective, but maybe we gave it a little nudge.

 As we move into the 2016-2017 year of Chapter meetings, our objective is to help nudge forward opportunities and improvements in the world of energy. For you, the Board has put together an amazing series of meetings that will enable you to grow your knowledge, ability to serve, and improve professionally. We kick off the meeting season with a presentation on Efficiency Comparison between a Copper Motor and 3 Permanent Magnet Motors. In November, we join with AFE, ASHRAE, and other professional organizations to present the annual Enercon Symposium. This year’s theme is focused on Energy Reliability, Resiliency, and Risk Management. Our slate of programs will cover topics such as the innovative use of drones, chiller and boiler plant optimization, data centers, and efficient facilities’ operation. To entice your attendance, we will initiate a Season Pass, an added value for members. Our mission is to be your source for information and networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering, energy management, renewables, power generation, energy services, sustainability. To meet our mission, we need you.

Our chapter region covers a huge geography, beyond State College and Scranton, and south to the Mason-Dixon Line. We have high schools, tech schools, and many higher education facilities in our footprint. Our Chapter geography includes businesses whose everyday function is improving and meeting energy needs. We have energy professionals, facilities’ managers, design professionals, students, manufacturers, all focused on energy. One absolute that we can state is that everyone uses energy. And with a touch of sarcasm, if you don’t believe me just watch the movie The Matrix. A few of our Chapter goals this year are to meet more of the needs of folks in our footprint. We want to accomplish this first by strengthening the leadership of the board. We have added a new Board Director: Mike Mumper. We want to establish a student outreach, institute awards and scholarships programs. In short, be a bigger influence and benefit to our area and the community that we serve. You can see that we have plenty of opportunities for service. A commitment to the Chapter still allows you time to be a parent, time to serve elsewhere, time for personal development, and time to relax. Please consider becoming part of the foundation that ignites and sustains the excitement of our industry. To meet these needs, we want you.

In closing, no rather, in kicking-off this year of Chapter activities, may I offer you some personal lessons learned? Don’t be held back by insecurity or trepidation. “Take calculated risks” – George S. Patton. Embrace change. It’s coming whether you want it or not. Improve your situation. Learn every day. Improve someone else’s day. And participate in the AEE. Who knows, you could nudge a student forward or just be a part of a dynamic growing fraternity / sorority. Any way that you consider it, CPAEE has a place for you.